A comedy game design podcast by two guys who know nothing about comedy nor game design.

27 Aug August

Michael and Tegan from RESET join Ben and Trevor in designing a new toys to life franchise revolving around body pillows, a raunchy game of Tetris, a solar system spanning Tupperware conspiracy, a zombie knitting game, a side scrolling nerds vs jocks beat-em-up, a very asymmetrical game of basketball and the existential crisis of Robert Cattington.

Click Pitch:

  • Forger Remodeling Submarine Centering
  • Civilisation Honeycomb Badger
  • Warehouse Interrupt Unorthodox
  • Constipation Ceremony Vaulting
  • Gasoline Dynamite Buff
  • Headway Exhale Gritty
  • Gnawed Credit Knitted
  • Snuggle Pearl Beyond
  • Crouch Assured Upshot
  • Lacerating Ski Bobcat
  • Exile Wallet Collusion Airtight

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