A comedy game design podcast by two guys who know nothing about comedy nor game design.

18 Feb February

With the help of Gustav Seymore from Lost Goblin, Trevor and Ben take this week’s prompts and turn them into management games involving valet parking, high school relationships and sentient hams, as well as an action adventure game starring a bright and shiny shorts wearing detective, a dark and twisted movie making game and an alternate version of Lost Goblin’s ‘Goblins of Elderstone’ with an elderly protagonist summoning goblins.

Click Pitch

  • Circuitry Ham Reporting
  • Personnel Age Moment
  • Upside Self Redundancy
  • Handball Graph Estimate
  • Storing Burst Cars
  • Yellow Detective Shorts
  • Movie Length Imprisonment

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Lost Goblin Website – http://www.lostgoblin.com?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss
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